I’ve been told “Steve, you’ve suffered any number of losses since she, and any number of physical losses since she, and any number of mental losses since she, and any number of emotional losses since she, etc. And you are affected. And you fancy yourself invincible, bullet-proof, and beyond death.

“Steve, you need to slow down, not speed yourself away. You need to hold tight, not let go at every chance.

“Steve, know your limits.”

How dishonest. I’m being challenged. There is a built-in contradiction. I’m being told that I’m reckless, and yet I’m also being told to learn where it is and when it is I’ve gone too far. How do I know my limits until after I’ve exceeded these mythical restraints?

A more honest salutation is “Steve, be more cautious with your health and self.”

I prefer the latter sentiment. Steve, know your limits. Bosh.

Challenge accepted.

Thus is my recovery journey. Rock on.