Dude, it’s time to own it. This isn’t a showdown of providing increasingly convincing info of ineffective masks. It’s no longer about fact. It’s about faith. More, it’s about truth.

I have a friend from college who did and still does feel a moral duty to save people from believing in an invisible man in the clouds who sometimes grants wishes. To him, no self-respecting scientist could ever believe in religion of any sort.

So he would collect reams of his facts and challenge Christians on campus, never swaying a one.

This is what I recognized:

You can’t argue away someone’s truth with your facts.

That’s where we are, where “mask science” is faith placed with a handful of promoted science authorities. And these authorities are righteous purveyors of much needed truth during this pandemic.

Belief homemade masks protect us is a truth, a truth largely discredited and contested now. It doesn’t matter, though. It’s impossible to argue away someone’s truth with your facts.

And it’s really not important because masks are ineffective regardless.

Effort is better spent on awareness campaigns to truly protect people at risk from wearing masks.