Today, a push message from the New Mexico Imminent Severe Alert arrived with my phone, whilst I was in the shower purifying the COVID-19 from my very being.

This is an abuse of the Imminent Severe Alert system. I leaped out of the shower with faux Olympic grace because this alert is for imminent danger. Tornado, flood, fire, armed uprising (Nostradamus says: Give it time), swarm of murder hornets the size of Nebraska, Godzilla, as valid examples.

The Immiment Severe Alert is not for stern non-imminent reminders, treating this crucial emergency system like the calendar app on my phone. I’m actually angry about this.

And, what use is there receiving a reminder of what New Mexicans have known since the first gubernatorial lockdown orders in March? This is not imminent in any spin of the term “imminent.” Or severe. Or even an alert. It’s a pointless reminder and nothìng more.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, stop abusing your position and misusing our Imminent Severe Alert. This emergency alert belongs to New Mexicans. Treat the Imminent Severe Alert with respect, importance, and reverence.