I’ve already discussed my educational and experiential expertise with mechanical filter respiratory protective masks. That’s solid ground. Now, I want to discuss the mechanism used to discredit my applications and me as a person of value in the national conversation on C19 masks.

When I’m dismissed by Maskateers, the first thing I’m hit with is “So you think you know more than the
doctors?” I don’t know tbe doctors so I don’t know how our knowledge bases compare. I do know that I know different than the doctors and my knowledge is easily verifiable and validated.

Then I’m hit with “Well, the doctors have more authority than you,” which I absolutely agree with, but not in the way they mean. Having access to open and friendly media review, with access to millions of people, gives much greater authority in whose message is heard and accepted. However, do the media darlings have more authority in exploring pandemic technology, understanding the science behind it, and applying the understanding? I say we’re equal, although we differ in altruustic intent and coupled transparency.

The concern I see is two-fold.

First, most Americans don’t have the experience or education to explore and contest specialized science. So they turn to credentials over content.

The second part is more irresponsible and sinister. For whatever political or personal motivation, many of these credentialed science authorities knowingly and willingly pump out misinformation and manipulation, safe in the assurance most Anericans can’t call them on it.

The fulcrum becomes, does a person’s position and certification determine whether or not they are intelligent, capable, and worthy? This isn’t a difficult question although the conditioned response favors “Yes! Of course it does!”

When we can’t challenge the rhetoric, either by educating the masses or holding credentialed science faithsayers accountable, what can we do? How does the national conversation include reasonable debate and collaboration? And most importantly, how are all potential solutions to keep us safe, informed, and involved heard and considered, giving us access to sound choices in determining our own destiny?

It’s up to you to decide if I’m full of shit or not. The interweb attempts to be the Great Equalizer, so I’ll continue to give it a best effort and hope my contribution is treated germanely and is considered equally erudite.

– Dedicated to my childhood pal Christian Ziebarth, who was always so much wiser than I could ever hope to be.