The idea of fashion is a framework of what is currently deemed new and socially pleasing. Fashion includes clothes, music, cars, hairstyles, interior design, literature, TV and movies, language; and science.

Fashions change always. There isn’t really any predictive model for when fashions come and go. For whatever reason, society just changes its mind on what is new and pleasing.

A passion of mine is the history of science, and this is why I included science in the list of fashionable indicators. Because of my in depth interest in how science has progressed through the eons, I take solace knowing that the current fashion deemed “THE SCIENCE” will pass just as easily as bell bottoms and acid polka, that whatever lacks aesthetics has a shelf life waiting for people to come to their senses.

“THE SCIENCE” will become unfashionable. To wit, eugenics was once so fashionable in the US of A it was required curriculum in high school science classes. No joke.