I’ve never been one to jump on the emote-before-rationalizing bandwagon, which is why I ask this rational question:

How precisely is it racist asking people to respect the laws and sovereignty of the United States of America?

I’ve been taking flack all day for my comments stemming from “My Mom became a US of A citizen properly, it took three years, it’s reasonable to expect the same for any individual seeking entry into the US of A.”

To me, this is not racist. Please explain what rational argument I’ve overlooked.


My pal Roger offered an explanation framed in a mob-rule first ammendment challenge. I responded.

Roger: Rhetorical nature of the question notwithstanding, it wasn’t irrational, and it wasn’t racist, Steve.

Roger: What you stumbled (or dove) into is a huge-assed 21st Century social taboo. Polite people in diverse company simply do not utter such things 😶

Me: So “racist” is a 21st century synonym for “insensitive.” I fully understand now.

Me: Of course, this social taboo is excused when posting overtly hateful comments about public figures with whom you disagree ideologically.