A buddy o’ mine recognized a lass I dated for several months on a dating site he subscribes to. He suggested I drop through and look at the photos. What I saw was… I’m not certain how this might or should affect me.

In viewing her photos (she’s lovely to behold), she has used several photos I took of her. And, her choice of my photos are photos I would have chosen to represent her beauty. She is radiant, relaxed, and happy in her selection. And the photos capture perfectly what I saw in her and how I felt about her.

I suppose where I’m stumbling a bit is it’s an odd collaboration of emotions upwelling from viewing the photos. Having a lass I dated use photos I took of her to attract other men on a dating site… creepy? No, that’s not it. Flattered? Maybe a little. Perplexed? For sure; who wouldn’t be? I’m very uncertain how to feel, which by itself is an emotion. Somewhere between confused and curious is a good landing point.

So, what’s the protocol on this?