For f*ck’s sake. Now “narcissism” is a facebook clickbait game.

Beginning today, “narcissism” is reduced to the full whims of negative connotation, applicable however the term is needed to describe mean and insensitive personal antagonists lasered in on your most tormenting misery.

Narcissistic personality disorder is a real mental diagnosis with real and necessary qualifying criteria. Trivialized, all the DSM-V work that went into properly billing for NPD treatment is for naught. This is what happens when a severe mental disorder becomes no more than a Whack-A-Mole game on a sticky Independence Day county fair midway.

My buddy Stephie – always an impassioned voice of rationality – suggested using NPD (acronym for Narcissistic Personality Disorder) in lieu of “narcissism.” It’s a reasonable recommendation with a notable and intransient stumble rife with corrective futility.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder – NPD. To the layperson, “personality disorder” rarely is mentioned when discussing a clinical diagnosis. And an acronym isn’t how narcissism is recognized. As a diagnosis, NPD is lost to over-and-misuse define-on-the-fly internet flogging. The word has been injected into the lexicon as a negative qualifier of others … with or without a valid professional medical determination.

It’s owned by victims of abuse and SEO coders now. And no amount of complete global facebook reeducation can shake this monkey from the mango tree.

The solution? Narcissistic personality disorder needs rebranding like how manic depressive disorder (bipolar disorder) and dual diagnosis (co-occuring) got a new lease on meaningfulness.

Although, there is some confussion with bipolar forceps that have nothing to do with our bipolar disorder. Bipolar forceps should never be used to treat bipolar disorder. Just try it … my brain is not tissue to grasp, manipulate, and coagulate. Try it. Try using your electro-chopsticks inside my coconut. I’ll kick you in the neck.

Don’t mind me. I’m out of Apple Jacks and thusly grumpy and distracted this morning.

“Narcissism” as a facebook clickbait game. For f*ck’s sake.

Are you a “narcissist”? Pick a white privilege photo and get your diagnosis!

By Minnie Mouse on high, here’s the rubbed out skinny. The term “narcissism” officially has no clinical value or relevance any longer. Sad. That happened faster than I projected. I gave it until May 30th. The eternal disappointed optimist am I.