It’s been a wearying day on Facebook, deleting comments that are aggressive, divisive, and mean-spirited. I ask – in practical terms – is there an emoji for “tongue in cheek” because my soft-serve attempts at satirical commentary are as popular as (insert politician you hate more than the senseless nuking of unborn transgender baby whales).

Remember back in the 90s, the bright future of the well-informed world society with all the facts literally right at your fingertips thanks to the world wide web? Everyone would be informed, educated, and finely prepared to engage the world with eagarness and without fear, and the direct interconnectivity would blossom understanding, tolerance, and acceptance without government, media, and lawyers to divide us. Remember how without these historic intellectual barriers to pollute and manipulate our worldviews this golden INFORMATION AGE would usher in knowledge and cooperation?

We, the Human Species, would embrace truth while embracing each other.

Yeah… we got that totally f***ing wrong.

For my friend, Campbell, who regularly creates opportunities for me to think.