This is too zany not to share. Each day I post a “Today’s COVID-19 News from New Mexico” graphic with the number of folks deemed recovered from the virus. It’s a number rarely reported except as a final “And by the way…” comment in media articles. Apparently, focusing on cumulative cases and deaths are the most sensitive numbers to report upon.

I use the word “sensitive” because today’s recovery post garnered the screen captured comment, pictured just next. I won’t ruin the surprise. Just zany.

If you know me well, you’ll know I’m kind of a go-to guy for eulogies and oddly enough I always try to throw in something cutesy and adorable about handsone actor James Woods. But you don’t know me well. Liz… Out! Get out of my insensitive head!

Look, here’s the crucial importance of recoveries and why recoveries must be tracked. When a sustained recovery rate outpaces the infection rate it’s a good sign for getting the world rotating on its own again. We just have to tally up how many people recover. But until the number of people recovered overtakes the number of people newly infected (R0 < 1), I’m going to pressure – strenuously and with all my insensitive might – the Moral Outrage Department at the CDC and have them keep a tightly sealed “Touchy-Huggy Sensitivity Lid” on recovery metrics. I’ll ask the CDC Moral Outrsge Department to pass along a sensitive note to rockstar Dr. Fauci. He’s nearly as insensitive as I am, always getting on TV and rubbing those damned recoveries in everyone’s face.

One more image:

Sensitively for Liz. You’ve been Chaucered.