A new aspect of Facebook privacy I didn’t know about. My privacy setting to view my posts was set to “friends” and not “public.” I had an older photo (already on Facebook) from six years ago I wanted to share with a Facebook group so changed the privacy from “friends” to “public.” This allowed the group members to see that ONE photograph from six years ago. That was three weeks ago.

Here’s the thing. Making that ONE photograph visible to the group changed my default privacy setting to “public.” Every post I’ve made for three weeks has been “public.”

Why does this bother me so much? Because I have a stalker. I can block each new bogus account he creates to keep him from my social media. With my privacy setting unwantedly changed to “public” my stalker had full access to everything. I’m sure he downloaded and/or saved everything I’ve shared for three weeks.

What I’m sharing is even if you go to your settings and manually set your privacy to “friends” Facebook changes your default once you change the setting in ANY post.

Just a heads up. And, I’m not a fool posting this as “public.” I want to make sure my stalker reads this. Self-empowerment… if you’ve ever had a stalker you might understand.