Ah, Greta. What your tears and tirade truly mean. Ecoterror puppetry at its finest. Dare challenge accepted.

Look, what troubles me most is the eco-doomsaying is a social program masquerading as a scientific certainty. This tends not to work out well. History of science is a passion of mine, and in my literature collection are a number of late-19th/early-20th century high school textbooks that include chapters on eugenics. Is that too drastic of a comparisson? Am I saying eco-doomsaying is the conduit to the next holocaust? Don’t be goofy. What I hope is to live long enough to see eco-doomsaying quietly swept under the rug as an embarrassing historical footnote, hopefully without the similarly-world changing and unfortunate repurcussions of a social program like eugenics.

My feeling is industry and employment are the intended recipients of rallied extermination. With eugenics, it was the “threat to humanity” embodied by a sullied gene pool. Dudes like me with bipolar were liberally sterlized in progressive states like California for a good twenty years. Homosexuals fared no better. With an unclean gene pool, humanity was assured to perish

With the social fairytale of ecoterror and ecodoomsaying, the “threat to humanity” is a dirty, filthy world unfit for human habitation, and humanity is assured to perish.

The projected cause is technology. Like steriilzation and extermination as the accepted preventative solution to avert our extinction, the social program of ecodoomsaying is arguing for crippling our ability to earn wealth (all of us – it’s called making a living) and all social services dependent on technology (everything). The equity-justice called for will level the playing field for sure – unemployed masses and underfunded social services is the future we face. Whatever injustice trying to be slayed, a stagnant economy leads to excellent prose like “Grapes of Wrath” and “A Fine Proposal.”

Please be clear: I’m laughing at ecoterror, the message of ecoterror, the superstition of ecoterror, and the audacity of ecoterror.

I am NOT laughing at Greta, a young lass ill-prepared for the celebrity and inevitable lightning rod of criticism and praise already colloidal in print and word. This is not funny. It’s despicable.