Considering the stupidity of Albuquerque pedestrians and their free-range jaywalking, I feel vehicular eugenics is justified.

Author’s note: Yes, I understnd eugenics is most closely associated with the Holocaust and this may seem in poor taste. If so, you’re sorely reaching for any reason to be morally outraged.

I’m poking fun at the American eugenics programs of the early 20th century and how “the feeble-minded” were singled out, which primarilly included folks like me with mental health issues.

You gotta have some odd wiring stepping out into oncoming traffic. Perhaps the bad wiring is due to a lack of self-preservation instinct.

Anyhow, if my blog is morally offensive to you, don’t read it.

Disney is morally offensive to me, and their Guardians movies are going to suck mow, so I won’t watch them.

Vehicular eugenics. Funny wordplay. Clare called this “Word Art.”